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At the roulette table, everything revolves around the globe. From the hand of a dealer's slide on the mahogany of a rotating vessel. Now nothing works. Rien ne va plus. The ball precesses around the center, passes red and black subjects with numbers from 1 to 36 and the zero (on green felt), remains on a number. And the wins. Previously, you have taken your hand in the hand and placed on numbers, color, or number combinations. This means you are betting that the ball stops in a number of subject that you have chosen specifically or as part of a combination. You bet against the bank. Itís always good to read a comprehensive roulette guide before you start playing.

Opportunities and chips
You have several ways to place your bet and weigh in height, depending on the risk appetite. You play along with tokens. These are tokens that you trade in the casino. These casino currency is set by you or the mobile slots no deposit bonus on the number or combination that you want. Of course, players can choose the same numbers. In principle, the more numbers in a combination, the higher the chance that the ball hits one of these numbers. But: To lower so is the profit. Risk just has its price. Who "simple opportunities" preferred, choose red or black, odd or even, or relies on the first (1-18) or the second half of the numbers (19-36). Recovers your number ists like in the movie. The dealer pushes the profit over the same height as the use of a Rateau.

Go to the risk - and putting on a "full" (single) number. And the 17 wins. Then look forward to that from 10 EUR 350 EUR will use (35-fold). And share the joy: It is customary to give the staff at the roulette table a chip in the bet. "For the In" button. After all, the staff at the casino are paid traditionally by this tip (Tronc).

Simple and combined
Place at roulette in the casino or the chips on
- A number: Plein
- The line between two numbers: Cheval
- The outline of a three-block: Transversal Pleine
- The cross of a four-block: Carré
- The outline of a six-block: Line Bet
- Special fields for 12 consecutive numbers
(12P :1-12, 12 M: 13-24, 12 D: 25-36): dozens
- Special numbers below the number of rows in the table (for example, 1, 4, 7, .. 34)
- 18 numbers: Red / Black, Even / Odd (1-18/19-36)